Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack – Online Dragon Stone generator

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack Information

Today I want to introduce to you the first ever working Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack which is a complete online hack. It works for every version of the game as well as for every device. There is no need to have your device rooted or jailbroken. This Dragon ball z dokkan battle hack is also very safe they have programmed various security measures to ensure that. It will give you the ability to build your own team of your favourite Dragon Ball Z characters. Getting the strongest Saiyajins won’t be a problem anymore as you can get as many summons as youd like to until you got the super saiyajin you have wanted. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle hack is completely free and will be a big help for every player of the game.
dragon ball z dokkan battle hack

How to use Dragon ball z dokkan battle cheats?

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle cheats is really easy to use. You don’t have to download anything. At first you will have to visit the website of the Dragon ball Z Dokkan Battle hack. Then you can enter you Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle username and select your platform. You should let the security features stay activated. After entering your name you can connect the Dragon ball Z Hack to your account. If you did that successfully you will then be able to choose the amount of Dragon Stones you want to generate. Give the Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle cheats  some time to finish its process. When the process is finished you will have to be a little patient the Dragon Stones can take up to five minutes to show up on your game-account.

Is it safe to use the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle cheats?

The security features are for example an in-built proxy server combined with a 256-bit aes encryption which hides your IP aswell as it encodes all data being sent to the game server. These to features makes it already quite safe to use. But to be even more safe they have invented a completely new Anti-ban script. This one is really powerful and will hide the complete process of the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle cheats. Last but not least they have also a feature that will simulate a in-app purchase of the amount of Dragon Stones so the Dragon Ball Z Team won’t ever find out how you got them.

Informations about Dragon ball z dokkan battle

Dragon Ball  Z dokkan battle is a card game. You will have to complete the story line with all your Dragon Ball Z Characters. Every chapter ends with a boss fight where you can get a secret scroll. In these scrolls are ingame items such as a summon. The battling system of Dragon Ball z is kind of a color matching game. Every Color is strong against a different type of Saiyajin. All Saiyajin’s have a different category such as PHY, STR, TEQ, AGL or INT.  For getting one of the strongest teams you need many many Dragon Stones as the most rare ones are  nearly only available for those. Thats where the Dragon Ball Z dokkan battle cheats help you, it can give you an unlimited supply of them. So you will become able to get the strongest and rarest Dragon Ball Z characters.